Many people know him as Hector, Mr. Campbell, swimming instructor, and lifeguard from Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Hector George Campbell is about people, the ocean, and farming.

He’s known all over the world. It’s not unusual to mention swimming and the first name you hear is Hector Campbell.

Going in for the Dive

Hector’s Love for People | An Influencer

You can call him a philanthropist. His life has always been about people regardless of social standing, ethnicity, or lifestyle.

He gave of his time, shared his personal belongings, and opened his home to many persons.

It is customary for him to strike up a conversation with anyone. He has a lot to share about life, his family and experiences, also learning a lot from those he encounters.

Many children and young people whose lives he has touched in one way or another look up to him. Moreover, parents confidently left them in his care.

In addition, he took time out to participate in church and other social activities. He played a great role in successful rallies organized by his church, Mt. Salem Open Bible, and held at Doctor’s Cave Bathing Club in the past.


Called to the Ocean | Swimming and Lifesaving with Hector

From his first introduction to the ocean, he has never looked back — from beach attendant to lifeguard to swimming instructor.

Doctor’s Cave Bathing Club was his place of employment for 32 years, 1952 to 1984. That was one of his platforms to meet, teach, and rescue many locals and international visitors.

During those years, he has rescued hundreds of individuals who have had near-drowning experiences. There was one case where he saved a woman who was underwater for over 15 minutes. He never gave up working on her lifeless body.

For this, he received the Duke of Edinburgh Award from England. He was immediately invited to the Governor General’s official resident, King’s House in Kingston, Jamaica.

He also assisted in training individuals for the national lifeguard examination, including guides from Great River, Sandy Bay, Hanover.

Eventually, he needed a bigger platform to encourage everyone he came across to learn how to swim. As a result, he started his Sunfish Swimming School. His busiest schedule was during the summer holidays when he conducted two shifts each day.

One of the first questions he would ask is, “Can you swim?” He followed up with the importance and benefits of swimming.

Mr. Campbell’s method of teaching and his personality are responsible for his overall success. And there are many success stories!

He would take as little as 10 minutes to get someone started or give them as much time as they needed to build up their confidence.

He was so confident that his method works, he offered to pay someone if they didn’t learn. As long as they were dedicated, they could do it. Naturally, there are those who didn’t accomplish this task.

Give the Children an Early Start.

Farming | More Than a Hobby

He put as much energy into farming as he did swimming, making time and space for it. As a result, he cultivated the entire perimeter of his residential property in addition to land he owned at some point.

Crops included a variety of mangoes, coconut, cane, breadfruit, banana, soursop, sweetsop, custard apple, naseberry, sweet potatoes, ackee, avocado, egg fruit, and many types of vegetables.

His yard also showcased a variety of flowering and non-flowering plants. Then there was livestock. At one point he marketed chickens and eggs to hotels, local stores, and individuals.

You could say that for someone to spend so much time cultivating food, he should be knowledgeable in this area. And he is! He could talk farming to you all day long.

Other skills included cooking, baking, and preparing all sorts of juices. He was popularly known for his cane juice, which he supplied to individuals, local shops and hotels. He had his man-powered cane mill for many years.

The perfect host, he was the chef whenever guests were invited home. He had a knack for cooking, serving, and cleaning up all at once while finding time to eat. He still cooks, but not quite as much as before.

Banana Plant

Lives Hector Touched Along the Way | Where Are They Now?

There are people whom he has been in contact with throughout the years. Many contacts have been lost along the way. Some of these are his past students including graduates of Sunfish Swimming School.

People have been asking about him. He, also, wants to get in touch with his long-time associates.

These go back to three or four generations — children he taught to swim grow up then take their children to him, who in turn take their children.

It’s a blessing to know that there’s a way to connect. All hope isn’t lost. Great relationships are to be cherished; they are priceless!

Mr. Campbell has traveled to different parts of the United States. Once, he was in New York when a young man called out to him. It turned out to be someone he had rescued from drowning many years before in Jamaica.

This is a vast world, yet, small when you see how easy it is to connect the dots wherever you are. Mention a name and someone is likely to know a connection.

People Connect the Dots.

Hector’s Humble Beginnings | Fighting to Finish Strong!

Whatever you call him, Hector or Mr. Campbell, he is an influencer in many people’s lives .– locally and internationally.

He is…

  • a people person: He interacts with people on every level, literally from very humble beginnings to King’s House.

Famously known as…

  • lifeguard, swimming instructor: Formerly employed at the world-renowned Doctor’s Cave Bathing Club and Owner of Sunfish Swimming School, formerly in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

He cultivated…

  • fruits, vegetables, other plants and also owned livestock. Many people benefited from his generosity and hard labor.

With everything he has achieved and lost along the way, he is determined to finish strong!

If you are someone who is or has been associated with Mr. Hector Campbell in any way, please feel free to leave questions or comments below. I will be more than happy to address them.

Veron Lee Campbell | Entrepreneur | The Way 4WordEnterprises


13 thoughts on “Hector George Campbell, Montego Bay, Ja | Do You Know This Man?

  1. While I never heard of Hector George Campbell I can sure respect his legacy and his philanthropic contributions. He seems like a wise old soul who understands the human condition and how to connect with others.  Having said that I am impressed with what an Amazing role model he is.  Thank you for introducing me to a real man of character. 

    1. Hi Pamela:

      Thank you for taking the time to read this article and recognizing the value that Mr. Campbell offers to those he has come in contact with. This website dedicating to him is so worthwhile.

      1. Beautifully written!

        I am so very proud of our legacy. It is very inspiring and humbling to be a part of what he has accomplished.

        I learned even more about him, than I thought I would.

        Thank you for writing this and sharing it so those who’ve lost touch can reconnect and for others to be inspired.

        I value human connection so very much and now I know why.

        Love you Aunty!

        1. Thank you, Hyeisha:

          I appreciate your support and appreciation on this journey. Yes, he has touched many lives and we have inherited that although expressed in different ways.

          My sincere hope is that many of these people will get the opportunity to reconnect with him.

          Thank you and much love!

  2. What are inspiring article.  I had not heard of Hector George Campbell until I read your article.  Just reading about him is inspiring.  To influence people in a positive way, as he has, is a goal that should be in everyone’s life. His commitment to raising things from the earth is also quite inspiring.  He cultivated people’s lives and cultivated the garden.  Thank you for this inspiring, uplifting post.  It is so good to read something like this when so much in the news and in the community is negative.

    1. Thank you, Anastazja, for taking the time to read this article and for your kind words. Mr. Campbell is really an inspiration to others. This website is to allow people to interact and share their experiences with him and, like you, to be inspired by his life.

  3. Hello, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. I am sure that there is no such person who did not hear about Campbell, I remember even my father talked me about him while I was going to swimming classes. I am glad you dedicated this article to him because he really deserves it, I will share it on my twitter profile.

    1. Hi Danijel:

      Thank you for taking the time to read this blog and to comment here. I am sure others will also confirm that they know Mr. Campbell and the inspiration he has been to them throughout the years.

  4. Interesting to learn the details from your informative post of how Mr. Campbell did the best he could in whatever field he pursued. I particularly enjoyed the interspersed anecdotes that demonstrate his profound interest in humanity.
    I would like to know if the Sunfish Swimming School in Mo’Bay still exists

  5. Interesting to learn the details from your informative post of how Mr. Campbell did the best he could in whatever field he pursued. I particularly enjoyed the interspersed anecdotes that demonstrate his profound interest in humanity.
    I would like to know if the Sunfish Swimming School in Mo’Bay still exists

    1. Hi LuluKay:

      Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on this article.

      The Sunfish Swimming School is no longer in operation but has had many graduates during its existence. There have even been newspaper articles, one in particular at its 31 years anniversary.

      Mr. Campbell is truly a humanitarian!

  6. Wow… I would really love to have such a great impact on other peoples lives and be a positive influence and inspiring person to the community. I haven’t heard about this guy before but already I have a clue of what it feels like and looks like to be someone who gives value and help to the community. From just this story I think I will enjoy having my own swimming school. Very inspiring indeed.

    1. Thank you, Donny, for recognizing the value here. I’m sure you, also, have inspired people along the way. You have inspired me by reading this article and sharing your thoughts on it.

      You mentioned the idea of having your own swimming school. Just for fun, in the words of Mr. Campbell, “Can you swim?” That’s his number one question to ask everyone he meets.

      There is an article entitled, “Swimming for Beginners … Can You Swim?” You could take a look at it if you’d like to: https://hectorgeorgecampbell.c…. I hope you find it another interesting article just to get a better insight into who Mr. Campbell is.

      Thanks again for sharing.

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