How to Build a Relationship with People | Ditch the Pitch!

The focus in “How to Build a Relationship with People | Ditch the Pitch!” is on how to communicate with others effortlessly. It becomes easier with practice. I use my father, Hector Campbell, as an example. He’s the best person I know who consistently makes connections quickly and easily with zero pressure. He’s not a professional motivational speaker, business coach, […]

Why Are Coral Reefs Important? | It’s An Underwater Ecosystem.

In this article, “Why Are Coral Reefs Important | It’s an Underwater Ecosystem,” we will explore the structure and inhabitants of this amazing beauty. Coral reefs play a significant role in maintaining life in and out of the ocean. Many creatures spend their lives there seeking protection from predators and other threats. Life would not be the same without this […]

Fresh Sugar Cane Juice | Antique Mill

Fresh sugar cane juice using an antique mill may sound strange to many people. Not everyone is familiar with the process of making sugar. We pick up processed sugar in the stores without giving it a second thought. How did this refinement take place? Modern technology has made it easier than it was in former years. Once upon a time […]

Christmas Jamaican Traditions | Sorrel

Why are traditions important to people all over the world? During the Christmas Holidays, there are several Jamaican traditions which have been passed on throughout generations. One such tradition is drinking sorrel. It’s as important as eating the rich Christmas cake made with dried fruits soaked in rum and/or brandy for several months. Sorrel, as a part of Christmas tradition, […]

Swimming for Beginners | Can You Swim?

“Swimming for Beginners | Can You Swim?” starts with the question, “Can you swim?” This is one of the first questions I ask people I meet. I get a mixed response. It is amazing that many people from the islands do not even know how to swim. Some have no interest. As a lifeguard and swimming instructor, swimming is and […]

Learning Swimming Strokes | Here Are the Methods I Have Taught

“Learning Swimming Strokes | The Methods I Have Taught” shows that swimming is an art, and a necessary life skill to have. Learning swimming strokes is exciting and gets better with practice. As a lifeguard and swimming instructor, I have taught all the basic strokes in addition to advanced ones. Find a style you’re comfortable with or interchange them during […]